Rob Haas

Project Manager

From concept ideas to drawings to the finished product — Newport Network Solutions Project Manager, Rob Haas, enjoys each step of his job helping his customers every day. 

“Our customers know our team is here for them, from start to finish, and watching that process of design to creation is a cool experience to be part of,” states Haas.

With over 17 years of experience, Haas brings a plethora of knowledge to the team, along with certifications in Pandiut Structured Cabling and Leviton Authorized Network Installation. “The overall experience that I have from being in the field gives me the insight and knowledge to respond and come up with solutions to any given scenario,” shared Haas.

He added that it is always his goal to give Newport Networks customers the best experience possible. “I am very fortunate to have a great group of technicians that I get to work with daily. Because of all of the years of knowledge and experience that we have at Newport, there is not one thing one of us hasn’t seen or done.”

It is not just that extensive amount of experience that Haas feels gives Newport Network the advantage – it is their detailed process.

“Companies should hire us for their projects because of the start to finish approach we take. When a company is in the thought process of having an install, we can help them figure out what they need cabling and device-wise in a budget-friendly manner. Throughout the project, we stay in communication with status updates to help ensure all deadlines are met. At the project’s end, we provide warranties, manuals, and as-built drawings that help our customers with network connections,” states Haas.

When Haas is not working on a Newport Network Solutions project, you can find him on an adventure with his wife and son, including road trips, bike rides, and walks by the lakefront.