Kathryn Verduyn

Director of Administration and Finance

Strategic planning, conflict resolution, growth focus, and talent development are just a few of the skills that the Director of Administration and Finance, Kathryn Verduyn, brings to the table at Newport Network Solutions.

“I believe everyone is a customer, be it co-workers, actual customers, or vendors,” states Verduyn. “Building solid relationships is the basis and foundation of trust, and trust is a critical factor for success.”

“I’m energized when I see the positive results of always following the ‘triple win’ (customer wins, our employees win, and our company wins) philosophy,” she added.

With over 24 years of experience in administration, management, and finance, Verduyn brings a plethora of knowledge to the team, and she holds certifications in leadership and business. “It is my goal to offer a new perspective to the company that will include establishing new or refining the existing processes of our daily work,” states Verduyn. “I’m very process-driven and focus on the results.”

Verduyn knows that customers hire Newport Network Solutions due to the company’s drive and dedication. But she knows that customers also “take note that our focus is on their needs and helping to solve their issues.” She added that the team strives to “meet commitments and ensure accountability at all levels,” and this establishes the sense of confidence that will set Newport Network Solutions apart from the competition

When Verduyn is not working on a Newport Network Solutions project, you can find her with her husband and furbabies doing something on the lake. Other times you will find her with her golden retriever, Skye. They are both very active in the local community through Therapy Dogs International, where they “volunteer to give kids the chance to interact, read stories, and yes, even sing to them!” Verduyn is also a Big Sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Central Wisconsin.