Dave Chamberlain

Lead Fire Alarm System Integrator

As far as Newport Network Solutions Lead Fire Alarm System Integrator, Dave Chamberlain, is concerned, silence can be golden.

“The unseen is a fire alarm systems value,” states Chamberlain. “The customer will never know how much technical expertise it takes to install a fire alarm system or the technology that is continually designed and perfected for early detection. To them, the fire alarm should be an unobtrusive system running in the background, silently prepared for when their property and tenants need it.”

Keeping fire alarm systems running quietly and smoothly is just one detail that Chamberlain enjoys. “I enjoy the technical aspects – how systems work, how they do what they do,” he shares. “I enjoy the ever-changing workplace and how each property has its challenges. It is a bonus also to get to know so many interesting people and their businesses.”

With over 16 years of experience in fire and security, Chamberlain is an asset to Newport Network Solutions and its customers. “It is our goal to make Newport THE preferred fire alarm company.” He also boasts a BFA from UW-Milwaukee, along with NICET III Certification.

To Chamberlain, it is no surprise that Newport’s expert team is in high demand. “We provide an incredibly high level of customer service for our business partners and end-users, helping complete projects on time and on budget,” he shares. “We all enjoy the challenge each day with an attitude of camaraderie and collaboration.”

When Chamberlain is not working on a Newport Network Solutions project, you can find him enjoying family time at home.